Thursday, 26 July 2012

Stitching and Knitting and Some Long Awaited Flowers

Hello everybody and welcome to those lovely people who have followed me.

Thank you for the advice on my last post, hopefully it will sort itself out.

I've started my new project and this is what I've done so far:

This stitch is called Arrowhead Fly Stitch.  The variegated thread is very pale but very lovely.

I thought I would show you my knitting too:

This is a sleeve.  The pattern is Leonora by Sarah Hatton.  This project won't grow very fast because I'm a slow knitter!

I'll leave with a few flower shots from my garden.  The first lily has opened it's petals this week:

The first pink rose that clambers over my arbour has bloomed too.  The white roses that climb up the other side are almost ready to bloom too.

I'm hoping for a bit more sun and then perhaps my sweet peas may be persuaded to flower!

Bye bye for now.....


  1. Very nice start on the WIP.
    Your knitting is very pretty - love the colour of the yarn and the stitch pattern.
    Gorgeous flowers. I especially love the lily as it reminds me of my grandma's garden.

  2. wow very sweet knitting.. and lovely start on your wip..
    sweet flower too.
    big hugs cucki xx

  3. Returning the visit! I love a pale soft floss color at times and I really like that stitch! I can almost smell the flowers from here and I also adire your knitting! Huggles.

  4. Good start on your new project and soft colours make a lovely pattern.

    Love the colour of your knitting yarn.

    Gorgeous flowers!

  5. Lovely pale thread!! Your knitting is gorgeous too!!

  6. Great start! I love the colors of your yarn and flowers!


  7. Wonderful stitch on the new project...delicate color. Beautiful flowers...and lovely knitting. Thank you for stopping by my blog today...and the kind words.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, which enabled me to find yours! Great knitting and stitching and those flowers are oh so pretty...looking forward to blogging along with you! Elisa x

  9. Hi Sally! Thanks for popping by my blog :) Isn't blogland great! Being able to meet and connect with new people is just fantastic!

    Your stitching looks lovely and I especially love the variegate floss you're using on your current WIP.

    Happy Stitching!


    1. I'm having trouble following your blog for some reason. I think blogger is on the fritz! I'll be sure to pop back shortly to add you... annoyed at blogger now

  10. Lovely start on your new project. That thread is so pretty.

    Lovely knitting too. It's rather addictive like stitching isn't it?!

  11. Such pretty things you have to share with us today, Sally! Love your knitting and your new start and your flowers are lovely :) Such a perfect rose...

  12. Hi Sally! Thanks for the lovely messages you kindly left on my blog recently!

  13. Beautiful start! Can't wait to see how your knitting comes along : ) Love seeing the flowers!

  14. Beautiful flowers, Sally and I love your lovely pink knitting.

  15. What a wonderfull projects!!
    And your flowers so beautifull

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment